5 Key Things to Know If You Wear Dentures: Tips and Information for Proper Denture Care and Maintenance

5 Key Things to Know If You Wear Dentures: Tips and Information for Proper Denture Care and Maintenance

July 1, 2023

Improper cleaning and care of dentures can result in poor dental and general health issues. Therefore, maintaining and cleaning your dentures is essential to keep them in optimal shape and stain-free. The dentist will recommend different ways to take proper care of your restoration.

Denture Care and Maintenance Tips

This part explains how to maintain and clean your false teeth:

  • Clean your dentures at least twice a day. It means brushing when you wake up in the morning and when you sleep.
  • Don’t keep your device in the mouth overnight unless there are reasons for placing them.
  • Use a dental cleaning solution or mild soap every night.
  • Avoid sleeping with your device in your mouth.
  • Avoid using teeth whitening products or toothpaste.
  • When using a denture adhesive, use the proper amount and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always clean and eliminate your device over a folded towel or a sink.
  • If you notice you have broken dentures, avoid trying to fix them on your own. Speak to a dentist in SE Calgary immediately.

Tips for Preventing Denture-Related Discomfort and Irritation

The following tips will help you prevent the discomfort associated with dentures.

Take Pain-Killing Medicines

To get relief from your sore gums, take pain medicine. However, if the gum pain is unbearable, contact the dentist as soon as possible.

Use a Salt Water Solution

Wearing dentures for a long time can result in mouth sores and other discomforts. You can try washing your mouth with a saltwater solution.

Eat Carefully

When eating with your dentures in, try to use both sides of your mouth and chew slowly in tiny bits.

Take Your Device Out at Night

When you are ready to go to your bed, make sure you remove your denture at night. Doing this will give your gums some rest.

Buy a Denture Adhesive

To prevent food bits from accumulating under your denture and causing irritation, try to use a denture adhesive.

Traveling With Dentures: What You Need to Know

The following tips will help you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your dentures while you travel.

Use a Strong Denture Face

After you remove your denture, store your denture in a sturdy case.

Choose Denture-Friendly Foods

While you are on the road, prefer only denture-friendly foods.

Follow TSA Requirements

If you are flying and want to bring your denture supplies with you, make sure the size meets TSA requirements.

Pack Your Essentials

Pack your denture supply in a separate bag. It will ensure that you don’t forget it when you change locations.

Find Contacts of Specialists in the Area of Your Travel

Unforeseen accidents can occur while you travel. Therefore, it’s worth keeping a list of contacts for the dentists that are experts in restorative dentistry in SE Calgary, AB.

How Often Should You Replace Your Dentures?

The premium quality dentures do not remain forever. Patients need to replace them after every 7 to 10 years.

Common Misconceptions About Dentures and The Truth Behind Them

This part explains the most common myths about dentures and their associated truth:

Myth 1 : You don’t need to visit the dentist again after getting dentures.

Reality :  Even if you wear dentures, regular dental visits are still essential. It will ensure that your restoration fits perfectly and your gums are still healthy.

Myth 2 : You don’t Need to Maintain Them.

Reality : No, it’s not true. Dentures that need care and maintenance regularly. Apart from your tongue and gums, continue cleaning your dentures every day once or twice, like your teeth.

Myth 3 : Dentures are not tailored.

Reality : Dentures available at a dental clinic are custom-made to the unique needs of the patient. Therefore, it will complement your appearance and offer you a fit that makes you feel comfortable all day.

Myth 4 : Dentures are unreliable.

Reality : Using cheap dentures is unreliable. Moreover, when they do not fit properly, they are less reliable. But choosing high-quality dentures in Calgary, AB at Meadows View Dental is highly reliable.

Myth 5 : They look unnatural.

Reality : High-quality dentures uses the best materials and the latest technology to complement your facial features.