Dental Issues Bridges and Crowns Help Treat

November 1, 2022

Damaged and missing teeth are standard among people of all ages, including children and seniors. However, if the problem of broken and missing teeth affects numerous people, solutions to manage or overcome the challenge are also available. For example, dentists recommend dental crowns or bridges to people with afflictions to restore their mouth functionality and smile.

Issues Dental Bridges or Crowns Help Resolve

Crowns become necessary in all situations, whether you have a severely damaged tooth without sufficient tooth structure and need it fixed because it affects your aesthetic appearance and causes challenges when eating or chewing foods. Dental crowns resembling tooth caps are placed by the dentist near me over the damaged tooth to encase it entirely to help restore strength, appearance, size, and functionality.

Unfortunately, if you are missing a couple of teeth due to accidents or injuries, dentists recommend dental bridges also using dental crowns to restore mouth functionality. Bridges become necessary because the loss of teeth impacts you and your overall health in several ways. For example, you lose your ability to nourish yourself by chewing the foods you love, the loss affects your appearance by making your face sag because of jawbone deterioration, and the vacant caps in your mouth become breeding grounds for infections that need frequent treatments from dentists nearby. To overcome the challenges, dentists recommend bridges in Calgary, AB, to help you cover the edentulous gaps between your teeth.

Getting bridges to cover missing teeth also needs dental crowns to support a bridge. In reality, you need two dental crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap and another crown between them to function as your artificial tooth. Therefore whether you need to fix damaged and decayed teeth or are affected by missing teeth, dental crowns become essential to restore either your damaged tooth or the missing one.

Restore Your Teeth with Dental Crowns or Bridges in Calgary, AB

Damaged or missing teeth do not require you to travel globally for restorations or replacements. Instead, you can seek crowns in Calgary, AB, to help cover the damaged tooth or replace the missing teeth using one therapeutic option to help resolve both issues.

When fixing your damaged tooth, the nearby dentist encases it by preparing the tooth for restoration and taking images to have it customized from dental labs. The crown dentists provide made-to-order crowns that resemble your remaining teeth, ensuring your aesthetic appearance is not impacted by a damaged tooth.

Please do not expect your tooth to receive repairs by the dentist in one appointment because you must schedule two separate appointments when seeking crowns to fix your tooth. However, expect dentists to provide temporary acrylic crowns over your prepared tooth to ensure it’s not exposed until the dental lab returns your permanent crown.

You can have your permanent crown fixed over the damaged tooth during your second appointment after getting the temporary crown removed.

If you want to replace missing teeth in Calgary, you can opt for bridges which also need two separate appointments with your dentist for a procedure similar to getting dental crowns. Bridges function as replacement solutions for missing teeth but also need dental crowns when fabricating them. The process is identical to dental crowns and requires reshaping the two neighboring healthy teeth beside the edentulous gap.

As the process is uncomfortable, the dentist numbs your teeth and gums to ensure you feel no discomfort. After numbing your teeth, the dentist files the tops and sides of the healthy neighboring teeth to accommodate dental crowns with a bridge to close the vacant gap between them. Impressions of your mouth and teeth help the dentist have your dental bridge customized from dental laboratories. Meanwhile, you receive a temporary bridge for aesthetic purposes.

You must revisit the dentist in approximately three weeks to have the permanent bridge in place by removing the temporary bridges and the permanent restorations fixed in your mouth with special dental cement.

Bridges restore your mouth’s functionality, helping you regain your lost abilities and making it convenient for you to continue life without unnecessary complications such as infections, jawbone deterioration, and general health issues. However, dental crowns play a significant role in supporting your teeth, whether damaged or missing, as solutions that help fix damaged or replace missing teeth.

Meadows View Dental in Calgary, AB, can help you fix your damaged teeth and also have missing teeth replaced with dental bridges supported by dental crowns. Therefore if affected by issues dental issues with broken or missing teeth, kindly consider contacting this facility to restore your mouth functionality.