Does Teeth Whitening Deliver Instant Results?

October 1, 2021

That you need teeth whitening delivering instant results confirms you have an important event lined up or are scheduled for a career prospect where you cannot sit grim-faced when everyone around you is smiling. Your discoloured teeth may prevent you from smiling but trying to get instant results from natural or over-the-counter remedies is practically impossible. The only way you can get the instant effects you desire is by getting teeth whitening in Calgary from a qualified dentist.

Dental visits may scare you for the higher charges you have to pay for the whitening treatment. However, the predicament confronting you leaves you with no alternative but to visit the dentist in SE Calgary to receive a teeth whitening procedure providing you results within the hour. This option undoubtedly costs you around $ 650 but is performed by a dental professional with complete knowledge about your dental anatomy. In addition, the teeth and soft tissues of your mouth are protected by the dentist when providing teeth whitening treatments. Therefore you must visit the Calgary dentist to have your teeth whitened instantly if it is an overbearing requirement.


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What Does Professional Teeth Whitening Involve?

When you visit the Calgary dentist to receive professional teeth whitening near me, you first go through a dental exam where the dentist looks for tooth decay and cavity on your teeth. If you don’t have any dental issues, the dentist proceeds by giving you a prophylactic cleaning for plaque and tartar removal to ensure they are not causing the discolouration.

After the first two steps, the dentist protects the soft tissues in your mouth with a cheek retractor and a rubber dam over your gums to ensure the teeth whitening gel they apply on your teeth doesn’t cause any sensitivity.

The dentist near me uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth instead of merely whitening them. Over-the-counter remedies available in drugstores have low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide ineffective for bleaching teeth. Dentists provided teeth bleaching treatments can remove both extrinsic and intrinsic stains which may have developed from the foods and beverages you consume, medications, injuries, et cetera.

Teeth whitening treatments from the dentist last for about an hour when the dentist applies the bleaching gel four times every 15 minutes. Heat and light are used by the dentist in conjunction with the whitening gel to accelerate the process. Every 15 minutes, the existing gel on your teeth is suctioned for a new application. At the end of the hour, you rinse your mouth to notice visible results, improving the colour of your teeth by three to eight shades. If you think the results are unsatisfactory, you can request the dentist for a dentist dispensed at-home teeth whitening trays with gel.

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How Do at Home Teeth Whitening Trays Help?

When you request at-home teeth whitening trays from the dentist, they ask you for impressions of your teeth and mouth to create custom-made trays explicitly for you in a couple of days. The dentist provides teeth whitening gel with instructions on how and when to use them. Following the dentist’s instructions and using the trays for about 30 minutes to one hour every day helps maintain the results of professional teeth whitening treatments. Best of all, you can continue the treatment from the comfort of your home, costing fewer dollars than in-office teeth whitening treatments.

Is Teeth Whitening Best Obtained Only from Dentists?

You may observe various non-dental professionals offering cosmetic dentistry near me, including teeth whitening with bleaching ingredients. They may encourage you with lower prices and promise faster results. However, the CDC recommends teeth whitening treatments are best performed by qualified dentists and not any other professionals. Therefore teeth whitening treatments are best obtained from dentists instead of any other professionals.

How to Prevent Needing Teeth Whitening Treatments in a Hurry?

The optimal way to prevent needing teeth whitening treatments is to maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing at least once, avoiding staining foods and beverages and getting regular cleanings and exams from your dentist. However, if you have teeth discoloured by infections or injuries and are unresponsive to other whitening therapies, teeth whitening from a dentist proves beneficial because they use higher concentrations of bleaching gel to make your teeth appear whiter and brighter in a hurry. Another alternative is to cover the discoloured teeth using treatments like dental veneers made from stain-resistant porcelain and hide the discoloured tooth permanently.

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