Get Teeth Whitening Services This Fall to Brighten Your Teeth

September 5, 2022

Summer is gradually losing steam, making way for maple leaves to wither and usher in the snowy winter in Calgary when everything around you turns bright white. If you have discoloured teeth, they will likely contrast with the white snow for some months. Why not get teeth whitening in Calgary, AB, to beat the weather at its game?

With the changing season, you might want to usher some changes in your life by brightening up your teeth to make your smile look better before the arrival of festivities like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, when you might have little or no time with you to spend on minor issues like removing tooth discoloration. In addition, getting professional in-office whitening treatment from the dentist near me before the festivities begin will allow you to view the treatment results thoroughly and get touch-ups if required before the big days arrive. So long as you ensure that you look out for a qualified and experienced dentist in Calgary, you can rest assured the treatment you receive will likely deliver instant results and remain with you until next summer or more.

What Differs about Professional Teeth Whitening?

Everything differs from the rest with professional teeth whitening. You might think the whitening treatment merely removes some discoloration from your teeth without realizing dentists also evaluate your dental health, looking for signs of infection and decay before giving you this therapy. In addition, the whitening treatment is supervised by a professional with complete knowledge of your dental anatomy to ensure the treatment is safe and causes no harm to your teeth or the soft tissues of your mouth.

The dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments are the most expensive, costing over $ 650 for in-office treatments and $ 400 for at-home trays to maintain the results of the in-office whitening treatment. However, if you think your teeth are not severely discoloured, you can prefer at-home teeth whitening trays provided with whitening gel and instructions on when and how to use them. You find it beneficial to use a combination of the two, getting in-office teeth whitening initially and investing in at-home trays explicitly customized for your mouth to ensure your teeth match the colour of the snow throughout the winter.

Professional teeth whitening delivers results instantly instead of making you wait for weeks or months to make minor changes to the looks of your teeth. The dental clinic near me does not use whitening toothpaste or polishing agents to brighten your teeth. Instead, the clinic uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide on your teeth during the therapy to brighten them faster and make them appear whiter in approximately 90 minutes. Therefore instead of relying on low-priced over-the-counter or non-dental professional whitening treatments, you make an informed decision when you prefer to get your teeth whitened by a qualified professional. Furthermore, if you want the treatment in Calgary, you have a dentist in your neighbourhood providing whitening treatment and being around if you experience any complications.

Calgary Teeth Whitening

Calgary teeth whitening providing this therapy in Blackfoot Trail is a practice you should visit when seeking this treatment to brighten your teeth. Besides delivering safe and effective teeth whitening, the practice has flexible working hours to allow you time to schedule your appointment beyond office hours until 8 PM on Thursday to prepare for your weekend with a set of beautifully brightened teeth.

When you schedule your appointment for Calgary teeth whitening, expect to receive dental prophylaxis before the dentist starts the in-office treatment. The teeth cleaning you receive to remove plaque and tartar enables the dentist to determine whether you have any infections before proceeding with the therapy.

The dentist provides four applications of concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel over your teeth to brighten them by approximately 3 to 8 shades or more, depending on the severity of the discoloration. Every application of hydrogen peroxide over your teeth remains on them for 15 minutes before suctioning off for another application. Heat and light help the dentist accelerate the whitening treatment to deliver the instant desired results. At the end of your treatment, the dentist in Calgary requests you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment to prevent tooth sensitivity and battle against cavities until summer arrives again.

Teeth whitening treatments do not deliver enduring results and are merely a stopgap arrangement to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Even if you decide to have home remedies as a backup, you must refrain from staining foods and beverages besides reducing or quitting smoking if you are accustomed to this dreadful habit. Keeping your teeth appearing brighter until summer might be a challenge you must confront with the many colourful foods you will likely as the festivities approach. Therefore while learning by yourself to prepare yourself to limit the foods to the minimum, you can expect the teeth whitening treatment you receive in the fall to last you longer than expected.

Meadows View Dental offers teeth whitening services in Calgary and flexible timings to help you schedule appointments at your convenience and have your teeth whitened at different times of the day. If you think you must get your teeth whitened in the fall, fall for inexpensive remedies delivering no results but opt for the treatment offered by this practice to have, your teeth looking as bright as the snow during winter.