Bridges in Calgary, AB

There are several reasons that you may be missing one or more permanent teeth. Unfortunately, this situation may cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance and your smile. People often report a negative impact on their self-esteem when it comes to missing teeth. Thankfully, there are restorative measures performed by our dentist in Calgary, AB to address tooth loss.

Dental bridges in Calgary, AB can be a solution to replacing one or more missing teeth with ones that look natural. If you are looking to bridge the gap in your mouth caused by tooth loss, Meadows View Dental offers dental bridges near you as a restorative procedure. Don’t delay in improving your oral health and sense of well-being.

Procedure for Dental Bridges

If our dentist near you determines you would benefit from a dental bridge, the procedure for designing and implanting one will begin. A dental bridge consists of two crowns with a false tooth in between. Dr. Arathi Bimagani will attach each crown to the teeth on either side of the space where the tooth is missing, with the professionally crafted false tooth filling the gap.

The result of a dental bridge is a natural-looking replacement for a missing tooth that functions just as the original did before its loss. You don’t have to live with one or more missing teeth. To improve your oral health and well-being, contact Meadows View Dental for information about dental bridges. We are happy to meet the needs of new and existing patients.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Missing one or more teeth doesn’t just impact the appearance of your smile. Depending on the location of the missing teeth, it may affect everything from your ability to eat comfortably to the shape of your face. Our dentist near you offers dental bridges as a means of filling tooth gaps and providing other benefits for your oral health.

Dr. Arathi Bimagani creates natural dental bridges that blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Here are some benefits of dental bridges:

  • Restore the ability to bite and/or chew properly
  • Prevent permanent teeth from shifting due to gap
  • Enhance the ability to speak properly
  • Correct mouth and/or bite formation and shape of the face