Dentures in Calgary, AB

The unanticipated loss of one or more permanent teeth can be devastating in many ways. It can cause patients to feel self-conscious about their appearance and interfere with oral functions such as eating and speaking. However, Dr. Arathi Bimagani offers dentures in Calgary, AB, as a method of restoring the appearance and oral function of patients with tooth loss. If you have suffered the loss of one or more teeth, our dentist near you provides restorative options with dentures at Meadows View Dental.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures that are designed to treat all manner of tooth loss. Depending on your individual situation, our dentist in Calgary, AB, will recommend the most effective type of dentures to fit your needs. Here are examples of denture types:

  • Full: Full dentures are designed for patients with complete tooth loss in either the upper or lower gums or both. Full denture sets replace all teeth by adhering to the upper and/or lower jaw.
  • Partial: Partial dentures are designed for patients who still have some natural teeth intact in either their upper or lower jaws. These removable replacement teeth are fitted for patients to fill tooth gaps in the mouth.
  • Implant-Supported: Implant-supported dentures are an option for replacing teeth without the need for adhesive. Instead, these “snap-in” dentures are held in place by implants or screws that are placed within the patient’s jawbone. These dentures function just like natural teeth and preserve gum tissue and bone in the patient’s mouth.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Our dentist near you will ensure that you know how to properly take care of your dentures. This is essential so that your dentures remain effective, are well-maintained, and last as long as possible. In addition to at-home hygiene care for your dentures, you must also keep scheduled appointments for dental examinations so that our team can professionally assess the condition of your dentures and your overall oral health.

Loss of your permanent teeth doesn’t mean your situation is permanent. For more information about dentures near you, contact Dr. Arathi Bimagani at Meadows View Dental. We look forward to restoring your oral health and wellness!

Dentures's FAQs

What are Dentures? Are they permanent?

Dentures are a prosthetic set of teeth and gums that you place in your mouth to replace your natural teeth. Removable dentures are not permanent; you need to remove them at night.

Dentures Versus Implants: Which Is Preferable?

Many people find dentures to be uncomfortable when chewing and speaking. Besides, they need to be removed at night. Implants solve both these problems, they are more comfortable and natural looking, and you don't need to remove them. Implants are preferable if you want a permanent solution.

What Is The Most Effective Short-Term Treatment For Damaged Dentures?

You can use an over-the-counter denture repair kit if your dentures are damaged, cracked, or have loose teeth. However, it is a temporary, short-term solution. If your dentures are extensively damaged, you should visit Meadows View Dental as quickly as possible to get them looked at by a professional.

How Are Flexible Partial Dentures Maintained?

You should clean your flexible partial dentures as you would your original teeth. Use the specific cleaner that your dentist recommends for cleaning these dentures.

What To Do With Outdated Dentures?

You can donate your outdated dentures to a dentist or orthodontist office, local school, or to local artists.