Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Many people are more familiar with what to do in a medical emergency than a dental emergency. However, dental emergencies are not as rare as they seem. Rather than being caught unprepared, it’s important to know how to get services for emergency dentistry near you before a crisis takes place.

Just like medical emergencies, a dental emergency requires immediate professional attention. Our dentist near you will address and treat any life-threatening symptoms. If you are suffering a dental emergency, call our dentist in Calgary, AB for help.

When to Seek Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dental treatment is required for any uncontrolled oral bleeding or any dental-related circumstances leading to a blocked airway. This may include swelling in the oral area due to infection or a head or jaw injury that impacts a person’s ability to breathe.

It’s essential to seek immediate professional treatment for any dental emergency. Ignoring or postponing treatment for any excessive bleeding or compromised breathing may result in life-threatening conditions. In addition, patients should follow up with Meadows View Dental after receiving any emergency dental care.

Dr. Arathi Bimagani provides emergency dental services. This includes immediate professional treatment for any life-threatening dental conditions. Meadows View Dental welcomes new patients that need to address urgent and other dental care needs.

Emergency Dentistry Treatment Near You

Those with higher risk factors should be prepared to contact Dr. Arathi Bimagani immediately if symptoms become life-threatening. However, it’s important to remember that dental emergencies can happen to anyone.

Any serious oral bleeding or inability to breathe can be scary, but these conditions require immediate professional attention. As with any potential emergency, preparation is key to avoiding serious consequences. Our dentist near you can help prepare you and your family to know what to do in case of a dental emergency. Contact Meadows View Dental to understand more about emergency dentistry in Calgary, AB.

Certain patients are more at risk for dental emergencies than others due to injuries or potential complications from dental procedures. These include:

  • Patients who have undergone recent oral surgery
  • Patients who suffer from an oral bacterial infection
  • Patients who experience trauma to the jaw area

Dental Emergencies's FAQs

What Is Emergency Dental Care & What You Can Do?

Emergency dental care is required for serious dental injuries, acute infections, and extensive blood loss from the mouth's soft tissues. The main goal during emergency dental care is to get the pain under control using medication, followed by an x-ray and other scans to diagnose the problem.

How Can Dental Emergencies Be Avoided?

While emergencies happen, you can avoid them by maintaining good oral hygiene, keeping your six-monthly visit to your dentist, and using protective gear such as mouthguards during contact sports.

Why Should You Treat Dental Emergencies Immediately?

Dentists should immediately treat dental emergencies involving extensive bleeding to prevent comprehensive blood loss.Also, if an acute infection is present, the bacteria can spread throughout the body, making you very sick and leading to complications.

How and When to FillA Root Canal By An Emergency Dentist?

If the signs of an infected root canal start to show like unbearable pain, it is important to get it filled with our emergency dentist at Meadows View Dental.

How an Emergency Dentist Differs from a General Dentist?

Emergency dentists are trained to handle dental emergencies and sudden, abrupt injuries, while general dentists provide routine services.