Exams & Cleanings

Exams and Cleanings in Calgary, AB

Many people assume that if they practice good dental hygiene at home with brushing and flossing, then professional dental cleanings are unnecessary. Unfortunately, the best at-home habits are not enough to remove tartar and plaque build-up. Once tartar and plaque are present, tooth decay begins, and the risk of cavities increases. Our dentist near you provides expert cleanings to prevent this decay and its consequences.

Regular exams with Dr. Arathi Bimagani are also an essential part of preventive care. During a dental exam, any issues with your teeth and mouth are identified, and a treatment plan can be set in place if needed. Addressing current issues prevents more serious future oral health problems, saving you time, money, and stress.

Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Exams and cleanings in Calgary, AB offer several benefits for patients of all ages. Some of these include:

  • Checking for cavities and tooth decay
  • Assessing the health of gum tissue
  • Identifying potential signs of oral cancer
  • Professional removal of tartar and plaque
  • Addressing oral health concerns that may be symptomatic of other health problems, such as cardiovascular disease

Regular visits with Dr. Arathi Bimagani allow for professional assessment and treatment for your oral health needs. Though you may feel that your teeth and mouth are adequately maintained by your at-home regimen, the risks of developing dental complications are far higher without routine exams and cleanings. Contact Meadows View Dental to make an appointment for an exam and cleaning.