Fillings in Calgary, AB

Finding out that you have a cavity can be worrisome. Unfortunately, cavities are the result of tooth decay that forms small, permanent holes in a tooth’s surface. Our dentist near you can identify cavities during a routine dental exam or if a patient is experiencing symptoms.

Cavities are signs of permanent damage to teeth. Therefore, they require treatment and restoration with fillings to prevent further damage or complications to your oral health. Meadows View Dental offers fillings near you to treat cavities for both existing and new patients.

What to Expect with Fillings in Calgary, AB

Before beginning the filling process, Dr. Arathi Bimagani will use a local anesthetic to numb the area near the affected tooth. After cleaning the cavity, the filling material is applied to the remaining, healthy part of the tooth. Fillings are professionally shaped to create a natural-looking result as well as to complete tooth restoration.

It’s essential for patients to understand that tooth decay does not resolve or go away over time. In fact, it gets more severe. If cavities are left untreated and unfilled, they can result in serious complications such as pain, tooth loss, and even infection. Therefore, it’s important to schedule regular dental exams, practice good oral health habits, and contact Meadows View Dental right away if you develop any tooth decay symptoms. Appointments are available for new and existing patients.

Symptoms of Cavities and Need for Fillings

As cavities begin to form, patients may not be aware of any symptoms. However, as the decay worsens, patients may begin to experience discomfort and signs that treatment is needed.

Regular examinations with our dentist in Calgary, AB are an excellent way to identify cavities early before they result in uncomfortable symptoms and greater decay. If any cavities are found, Dr. Arathi Bimagani will begin the process of fillings. This includes removing the decayed portion of the tooth, leaving the healthy portion intact. Once the decay has been removed, it is replaced by a filling to restore and preserve the tooth’s health.

These symptoms include:

  • Sudden toothache or pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and/or cold food and drinks
  • Discoloration, staining, or pits on the tooth surface
  • Pain when biting or chewing