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Mouthguards in Calgary, AB

Mouthguards are as crucial as helmets and headgear when it comes to playing sport. They offer protection for everyone ranging from the little league to professional sportspersons. Sports injuries can cause much more lasting damage than just a dislodged tooth. Serious injuries like a broken jaw bone or concussion can change our lives drastically. 


Our team of highly trained dentists near you will evaluate your oral cavity and get custom-fitted mouthguards fabricated for your needs. 

Mouthguards in Calgary, AB

Why You Need Mouth Guards

Most sports, including soccer, basketball, ice-skating, cycling, gymnastics, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, boxing, baseball, and others, are associated with the risk of blows, falls, and accidents. A blow or fall can cause acute damage to the teeth, gums, face, jaws, or lips, which may result in bleeding, trauma, and permanent tooth loss. In extreme cases, the patient may even require maxillofacial surgery.

Wearing protective mouth guards in Calgary, AB, can reduce the risks of injury to the teeth and jaws. However, every patient has a different shape and size of teeth, and using standard mouth guards may not provide the level of protection you’re looking for. Personalized mouth guards from Meadows View Dental offer a snug, comfortable fit that cannot be replicated by over-the-counter, generic products.

Functions and Benefits of Mouth Guards

Most importantly, mouth guards from Meadows View Dental prevent the upper and lower jaws from jarring together violently. If you’re considering getting a mouth guard for yourself or a family member, please contact our skilled team of dentists in Calgary, AB, for an appointment today. We will provide you with custom-fitted mouth guards with adequate thickness and cushioning for maximum protection.

Well-fitted mouth guards near you provide a host of useful benefits:

  • They protect your teeth and gums and guard against concussion and pulpal injury.
  • They reduce the risks of cuts and bruising during impact.
  • Mouthguards cushion the teeth and prevent contact between the upper and lower dental arches.
  • They prevent fractures and damage to the lower jaw.
  • Mouthguards also protect against neck injuries that may occur on impact