Invisalign in SE Calgary, AB

It used to be that getting straight teeth involved a commitment to metal braces for at least a couple of years, including regular visits to the orthodontist for tightening and other adjustments. Invisalign in SE Calgary, AB, is an alternative to traditional methods of teeth straightening. This is an innovative orthodontic process offered by our dentist near you.

The Invisalign system gradually adjusts and aligns teeth so that they are straight. An added benefit of this system is that the plastic aligners are clear and nearly unnoticeable when wearing. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional teeth straightening, Meadows View Dental offers Invisalign in Calgary.

Invisalign Calgary

The Invisalign process is a straightening system for teeth. Dr. Arathi Bimagani creates an initial mold of your teeth. Then, clear plastic orthodontic aligners are created for you that fit over your teeth. Patients wear these aligners in a series, one at a time, for a couple of weeks until the next is needed.

Our dentist in Calgary, AB will provide these aligners for approximately a year as a means of gradually straightening your teeth. The final results are straight teeth, which leads to an improved smile and enhanced confidence in your appearance.

Who Benefits from Invisalign?

Adults and teens benefit from the Invisalign system. This is particularly true when it comes to the aesthetics of clear aligners. Since both adults and teens may feel self-conscious about wearing traditional braces, these aligners are a comfortable and clear alternative. This is especially helpful for those who work in customer service industries and other face-to-face industries.

Dr. Arathi Bimagani offers effective teeth straightening with Invisalign for those interested in an alternative orthodontic procedure to traditional metal braces. Contact Meadows View Dental for information about Invisalign near you as well as other orthodontic procedures. New patients are welcomed.

Here are some additional benefits of the Invisalign system:

  • Easy to wear
  • Effectively straighten teeth
  • No metal brackets or wires
  • More comfortable than traditional braces
  • Less noticeable than metal braces
  • Easy removal for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing
  • Reduced risk of cavities and other forms of tooth decay compared to traditional braces

Invisalign's FAQs

What Are Invisalign® Aligners, and How Do They Work?

Invisalign® clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment that helps to realign your teeth to give them a symmetric appearance. Invisalign braces align the teeth using a series of custom-made molds that force your teeth over months to their new and improved position.

Which Requires More Time And Care Between Invisalign And Braces?

Wire braces don't need to be adjusted by an orthodontist as often as Invisalign braces. However, braces are uncomfortable and require more care to maintain oral hygiene than Invisalign. Furthermore, Invisalign can straighten your teeth faster than traditional wire braces.

How Much Time Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Invisalign treatment offers much faster results. Most patients are finished with Invisalign treatments within a year or two, whereas traditional braces can take three years or more to yield significant results.

How Can Invisalign Help Me Correct My Crossing Front Teeth?

Invisalign braces can push your crossing front teeth back as long as there is enough space for them to move. Visit Meadows View Dental for a detailed Invisalign consultation.

Is Invisalign Effective for Closing Teeth Gaps?

Invisalign aligners effectively close teeth gaps and give you the perfect smile you always wanted.