Scaling and Root Planing in Calgary, AB

Practicing good oral hygiene each day and committing to regular dental exams and professional cleanings are excellent preventive methods against tooth decay. However, when tooth decay becomes serious, it can lead to advanced gum disease or chronic periodontitis. When this happens, patients need treatment from Dr. Arathi Bimagani to restore their oral health. Scaling and root planing in Calgary, AB, offered by Meadows View Dental, is a means of treating gum disease and restoring dental health.

What Is Gum Disease?

Bacteria collect on our teeth and form a film called plaque. Proper brushing and flossing habits, in addition to routine in-office cleanings, help to keep plaque from turning into advanced tooth decay. Unfortunately, if plaque penetrates the gumline, this results in gum disease or periodontitis. One development of gum disease is the formation of spaces called “pockets,” where the gum pulls away from the teeth.

These pockets can trap plaque, causing gum disease to worsen and putting the patient at risk for tooth loss. Though gum disease can occasionally be treated through professional cleaning, if plaque damages the area under the gumline or if pockets are deep, then a patient may require scaling and root planing with our dentist in Calgary, AB.

What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

Our dentist near you offers scaling and root planing techniques to treat gum disease by deep cleaning below the gumline. Scaling removes the buildup of plaque above and below the gumline and allows the entire gum pocket to be thoroughly cleaned of bacteria. After scaling, the root planing process smooths the roots of the affected teeth, which helps the gums to reattach.

To prevent infection and facilitate healing, patients must follow all dental instructions after the scaling and root planing process. Dr. Arathi Bimagani will schedule a post-op visit to ensure the procedure and results are successful, as well as assess whether further treatment is necessary to eliminate the presence of gum disease.

Our dental care team is invested in your oral health, including the condition of your gums. For more information about scaling and root planing near you, contact our team Meadows View Dental.