ZOOM! Whitening

ZOOM! Whitening in Calgary, AB

Achieving that million-dollar smile requires investing in the most innovative, professional, safe, and effective whitening techniques. At Meadows View Dental, we offer ZOOM! Teeth Whitening near you to help lighten your teeth’s shade and achieve that glowing, shiny look you always desire to have.

You may find that your previous white and beautiful-looking teeth have started to darken and lose their luster due to frequent and prolonged use of staining products like tobacco, cola, tomato-based sauces, tea, red wine, dark-colored fruit juices, and coffee. When this happens, consider the best teeth whitening in Calgary, such as ZOOM! Professional Teeth Whitening.

Why Choose Zoom Teeth Whitening Service

Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Safe and Effective Procedure

Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Boosts Self-Confidence With Whiter Smile

Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Customizable As Per Needs and Preferences

What is Zoom Whitening?

It is an in-surgery, laser-aided teeth whitening treatment. This non-invasive procedure takes roughly 1 hour to complete in a dental office. A whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide is used. A dentist utilizes specialized laser light to help activate and hasten the process of peroxide breakdown, thus speeding up the whitening activity.

Our ZOOM! Whitening in Calgary also features a take-home kit that helps improve and consolidate the lighter shade of your teeth. ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in SE Calgary is considered safe when Our dentist administers and supervises it.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our Calgary ZOOM! Teeth Whitening begins with Our dentist getting your mouth impression. The model we obtain works to fabricate custom bleaching trays that we give you to use for touch-ups in your whitening treatment at home.

We make a barrier within your mouth using cotton, liquid dam, and lip retractors to protect the gums and lips. Our dentist wants to ensure that your ZOOM! Teeth Whitening gel doesn’t get to areas where it is not intended to because the hydrogen peroxide could cause burns and irritation. Leaving only the teeth being whitened exposed, Our dentist applies the gel.

A ZOOM! laser light is then directed onto the gel, where it helps break up stains and discoloration. We let the gel rest on the teeth for around 15 minutes before we clean and rinse the teeth to check and compare the change in shade. We repeat the process until we attain the shade you want for your teeth.

Once we complete the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Calgary, we advise that you avoid anything likely to stain the teeth for the next 24 hours. We also advise you to do occasional touch-ups at home using our ZOOM! take-home tray unit. Also, brush twice daily and floss once. Remember to come for dental checks every six months in our dental clinic.

Visit Meadows View Dental to receive teeth whitening in Calgary SE. We offer professional Calgary ZOOM! Teeth Whitening to patients needing to brighten their teeth.